Amid the rolling hills lies the Southern rural community of Crawdad, not enough big enough for a post office or town incorporation, but charming and quiet, a mere spot in the road that runs through it. It is a town lost in time and yearning to be brought to life.




Chapter 1
KENT SUTTON'S LAW OFFICE SECRETARY, Lucy Nance, escorted Sara McKenzie, a young woman of determination and stance rivaling her twenty-one years, into the posh law offices. Greying elegantly, Miss Nance-as she was called in the office, the courtroom, and in the town-had never married because she felt Kent Sutton couldn't carry on without her should a family need arise. This was a fact that everyone in the community understood if they but took the time to acknowledge the unspoken testament. Highly efficient in both her legal knowledge and her office skills, she had served Kent since before Sara's birth and had been present for most of her father's legal needs. 'He'll be right with you, dear,' the kind lady promised as she closed the heavy cherry doors on her exit. The click of the doors' closing sounded as loud as a gong as Sara sat, nervously awaiting the attorney to arrive.
Chapter 2
AS THE PLANE LANDED WITH Screeching tires on a runway four hundred miles away from everywhere, Sara's heart flip- flopped with anticipation. The rolling hills had been visible for the last several minutes as the plane had circled, descended, and finally landed at the tiny airport. It's in the middle of a cornfield, she thought, shaking her head as she glanced out at the green stalks just yards from the control tower. How can you have enjoyed this, Dad? As the other passengers, all two of them, grabbed their overhead luggage, Sara continued to stare at the green lushness that surrounded the paved runway where they sat. Attendants outside the plane rolled a descent form to the side of the plane. 'Well, Dad, if you're watching, I certainly hope you're enjoying this laugh,' she mumbled. 'I'm sorry, miss, did you say something?' a fellow passenger asked. He was of Oriental descent with the accent to support the theory. She found herself wondering what he was doing exiting in this locale.
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Love comes in many degrees

They are on top of the music charts, number one in the country, pulling in millions of dollars along with gold and platinum records, packing concert halls to their capacity, and wanted by every national television network.


The blips of life along the road have given her appreciation of the adventures she pursues even if the journey is often complex and gnarled with twists and turns. But aren’t they the most intriguing escapades of all?
The goal of publishing fictional books for others to read spurred her on. It wasn’t until her life took a health change, and Multiple Sclerosis took her from the working world, that the opportunity presented itself. Mystery writing soon became as consuming as mystery reading, and each new puzzle brought her back to the days of sunshine-sprinkled fields and illustrious who-done-its.

What happens if one becomes very sick?

What happens if he dies?

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Love comes in many degrees. The love one has for God, sexual love between man and wife, and brotherly love. Let us examine brotherly love… The Jason brothers, Richard, 18 years of age, and Scott, 14 years of age, who make their living as professional musicians, are exceptionally close to one another.